Friday, August 17, 2012

By the sea

Back to our trip... On our last full day in New Hampshire we decided to drive the seashore. (It's just an hour away, too.) We got there in time to eat our picnic lunch. We stopped at a spot right next to an old WWII bunker which thrilled some of the boys, especially B., our WWII buff.

D. in front of the bunker

After we ate we headed for the beach.

The whole group


H. looking at something someone found on the beach

This is the little bay we were exploring... the tide was still fairly low, but on its way in. Tides still baffle my great lakes crew.

But it was the rocks which called to everyone and they needed to go climb on them.

And explore the tide pools.

G., B., and P.

The little girls didn't want to be let out of the fun, so found willing carriers.

G. and B.

I want to stop here for a moment and mention a not-so-small success. You remember my description of helping H. move up and down the mountain a few days ago, right? Well it seems the effort paid off. The shoreline was very rocky, big rocks, small rocks, and everything in between. To get around, you really had to climb over and around the rocks. Well, H. did really well. We even noticed her voluntarily jumping from one rock to another more than once! While there were a couple of times she felt stuck, they were infrequent and she was able to pick her way around and over the obstacles. It felt like a huge success and we could tell H. was very proud of herself.

The bigger people just couldn't stay out of the water and decided to go wading around.

J., M., and B.


The only trouble with this was that the bottom was very slippery and it was difficult to find your footing, as M. discovered.

P. watching J. help M. up.

It was just a lovely afternoon which everyone enjoyed. We came home pleasantly tired and my sister-in-law were happy that we had thrown dinner in the crock pot before we left.  Here are more scenes from the day.

G. and H.

G. (on left) and L.

B. (there was a lot of time spent by many boys skipping many rocks)

J. and his brother

A. found a small crab. (It that little dark thing between her thumb and finger.)

Our newest nephew decided the whole outing was just too tiring.

L., G. and M., who are also looking a little tired.

And did I mention this was just an hour away? Just like the mountains were an hour away? What do we have an hour away? More city. Bah.
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Amy said...

Next time you visit NH, you will have to let us know. We are only about 2 1/2 hours away. It looks like you had a great trip.

Stef said...

This was such a fun day! I'm making the same crock pot recipe this Sunday. I hope it turns out as well!

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