Budding photographer

Don't you love this picture of G. and L.? (G. is on the left and L. is on the right). A. took it with my camera a week or so ago and I just discovered it.

I don't think I will be finding many more surprise photos by her on my camera anymore, though. This is not because she doesn't like to take pictures or anything like that, but because she really likes taking photographs and wanted a better camera than the ones we had available. Thanks to many lucrative babysitting jobs and a lot of saving, she bought herself a pretty darn nice SLR camera. 

It turns out that she is very, very interested in photographing extreme weather. I thought it was just weather which is why she did a full year's study of meteorology last school year. Now I discover that it is not learning about weather so much as how it looks. This is why next on her list is photography, which she will be working on this school year. I had already bought her books which could be used with her point-and-shoot camera, but she will get a lot more out of it with her nicer one. I'm also going to through in some history of photography as well.

My goal in all of this is to not have to take photographs myself anymore. I don't take particularly good ones, nor do I have the inclination or the time to really study the subject and improve my skill. It seems a lot easier to let A., who is interested, learn everything and become the family photographer.


LawMommy said…
This is a fabulous photograph. I think you should frame it and put it in their bedroom. It shows such sisterly/twinly affection between them, the mischief in L's face especially. :-)

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