A love letter

My Dear Child,

You know, you are not so very different from your son, yet I love you both. The difference is that sometimes you despair for him, yet I never despair for either of you.

You become frustrated when he can't seem to see that he is treated no differently than his brothers and sisters. You think he should be aware when another person is corrected, or asked to do something, or given a punishment, but all he seems to be able to focus on is when that brother or sister gets a reward when he doesn't. You see the equity of your home, yet he only sees the unfairness; what he doesn't have.

Yet how is this really different from you? Don't you do the very same thing? I care for each of my children as they need. I admonish, correct, discipline, and reward those whom I love, yet all you can focus on what I've given others and not you. You focus on what you don't have instead of what you do have. Just as there are things you do not give your son even though he desperately wants them because they would not be good for him, I do the same for you. There are things you think you desperately want, yet I know they would be harmful.

You try to comfort your son when he becomes anxious over many things and wonder why he can't just trust that you will take care of him. Your assurances and past record seem to make no difference and he ties himself up in knots with worry over things he cannot control. You know that if would only relax and let you take care of things his life would be more joyful.

Yet how is this really different from you? Don't you do the same thing? You worry and worry and worry over things which have no control yet I have promised to take care of you. Despite these assurances and a long history of care and provision, you also, tie yourself up in knots. If you could allow yourself to let Me handle things your life would be more joyful. I created the universe, I can handle taking care of you.

You despair that healing for your son will never come. You seem to deal with the same issues over and over and nothing seems to get better. Your bag of tricks is empty and you don't know what to do.

You are no different from your son, yet my response is. You, too, deal with the same issues over and over and over. In this life sin will always stalk you and temptation will ever be at your door. But I do not come up empty; I have already provided the solution. To save you and your son from the effects of sin and its resultant death, I sacrificed my Son. My Son whom I loved and who was perfect. The solution already exists and in the fullness of time you will see what you have been hoping and praying for. But like your son, who wants everything right now, you do, too. You want your son to learn to be patient, to wait for good things, and to trust you for them. I want the same thing for you. Trust Me.

Remember the verse I shared with you this morning, "The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

Your Father


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He wrote this to me, too.

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