4th of July and a few sisters

We are laying low for the rest of the day because it is just HOT outside. (My parents are visiting from Arizona and it is currently cooler in AZ than it is here.) We did enjoy a lovely lunch cookout with friends this afternoon.

Some pictures from the afternoon.



You know, having a bunch of older children is a lot of fun. And entertaining. Especially when they are all present and relaxed and enjoying themselves. First there was the little episode when B. accidentally ripped the soda can in half when he was trying to crush it. Then there was the kerfuffle when B. was pitching cedar (?) berries into M.'s ear and the resulting retaliation.

And then there was the scene when A. decided to make a single pony tail with the front of M.'s hair. It began here.

But soon ended up here.

You'll notice everyone is smiling through the whole thing. Ah, yes, my decorous daughters...

G. (that's a balloon she's holding)

P. is missing, I know. She was there, but she is still feeling morally opposed to the whole idea of photographs, at least ones that involve her.

We'll all be back to creating tomorrow. What else are we going to do when it's 101 outside?


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