I'm interrupting the camping pictures to bring you other pictures

of birthday celebrations and more camping.

Saturday night we celebrated the June 15th birthdays. The trouble with having three on the same day is what to do about the candles. Since strawberry pie doesn't lend itself to candles anyway, we decided to sing three times so each person could blow out their own candles.

B. wasn't sure he wanted to be sung to and blow out candles, but we did and he did anyway. No one wanted to hold 17 lit candles, so P. held three for him to blow out.

G. was next. Both little girls took a long time to blow out their candles, so they were eventually helped to share the fingers of the candle holder.


Then came presents. Grammy and Grandpa sent stuffed animals and games to G. and L. Can you tell they were a hit? G. is the panda bear lover and L. has a new obsession with Micky and Minnie Mouse.

B. received gifts, too.

Three birthdays worth of gifts creates a bit of chaos.

B.'s big gift was a slack line. I'm sure there will be many slack line pictures to come later in the summer.

The next afternoon (yesterday) it was time to take people up to church camp. P. and D. are campers this year and B. is a counselor.

P. on her bunk.

We like to hang around for a while and let everyone play before heading back. Here is K. playing carpetball.


K. doing his monkey imitation

And a rare picture of me and J. (I'm holding L.) together. This is because one of us is usually holding the camera and because I'm not overly fond of being in pictures.
A few things to let you know about. First, I have a new article up at Heart of the Matter... History Feasts: A User's Guide. I also have another article: 5 Rules for Kids' Summer Safety up on another website. And finally, I will be leading a monthly book discussion for women at our church this summer. We will be discussing A Life That Says Welcome by Karen Ehman. Our first meeting is this Wednesday night. Contact me if you want to come... and please do, even if you haven't read the first three chapters!


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