Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 9th birthday, D.! (A little bit late)

My mother has reminded me that I have neglected to share pictures of D.'s birthday celebration. I will now remedy that.

D. had pie (of course!) We missed the blowing out the candles picture, but he blew out all three candles that a sister was holding without incident.

And there were presents. (G. and L. have figured out the whole present-thing and always are game to 'help'.)

What else does a 9 year old boy want but Lego?

And more Lego?

My handsome boy. He is the most big-hearted and caring child I know. And how this child loves Jesus. It has been a while now that he insists that he plans on being a missionary when he is older. I love you my dear boy. Happy Birthday!

And now for something unrelated, but rather funny. This is what we discovered when we walked through the front hall yesterday.

Yes, K. is sound asleep. On his back. In the car seat that was removed because D. no longer needed it. We are unsure of how this actually happened. Did he sit in the seat, fall asleep, and then tip backwards? Or did he sit in the seat, tip backwards, and decide he was too tired to get back up and just closed his eyes? We'll never know, but it shows how much energy the child uses during the day.

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Ann said...

Happy Birthday D! Your buddy Vu loves legos too! You are a very special boy!

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