Happy 17th Birthday, B.! And Happy 3rd Birthdays G. and L.!

Today is our triple birthday day with three children having birthdays. We will celebrate tomorrow, though, because we got home very, very late last night from our camping trip. I need a day to regroup, do laundry, go the store, do laundry, unpack, do laundry... you get the idea.

It is rather fitting that the little girls share a birthday with B. They have always had a very sweet bond between them, ever since they were born and B. would walk around and around and around the kitchen holding the screaming baby who wasn't nursing and somehow lull them into a happy stupor just from being in his arms. He has earned his official title of, "Baby Whisperer". They still share a very special relationship and he pretty much dotes on them and they adore him.

Can you tell I'm just a little proud of this boy? I think he is pretty terrific and love seeing the young man he is becoming. He is smart, kind, caring, and a rather terrific actor. I love my boy.

And I love my little girls, too. I absolutely cannot believe they are three years old. OK, I take that back. In their louder moments these days, I am only too well aware that they are entering into the wonderful world of the terrible threes. I happen to think two years old is a breeze compared to the three year old years. We'll survive. I hope. But I am still madly in love with these two little charmers. It is so fun to watch their very different personalities blossom and see what they will learn to do next. They keep us on our toes and I think they help keep me young as well. (The energy needed to follow them about, both mental and physical, is great exercise!)

I haven't made my grocery list yet, so I don't know for sure what the desired birthday meal and dessert will be, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve pie and steak. Sorry, no pictures today as I am writing this in between sorting out from the trip, but tomorrow I'll try to post some from our great camping adventure.

So, Happy Birthday to my three charming children. I love you all very much!


Anonymous said…
We share our anniversary with them too! I can't believe your babies are three years old. I wholeheartedly agree that three is more challenging than two. That being said, it is a fun age when you get to see them grow and change so much. Congrats to all!
Oh, and I am glad you took your camping trip. I hope your new gear was very useful.
Kim Crawford

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