Spring is finally here and we can go outside

Going outside means that other people are outside as well. Evidently, in my neck of the woods it is not common to see so many (and it wasn't even all of them) children playing in the yard. It causes people to stop and ask questions. I don't really mind... I like meeting new people. It's just interesting. I have probably explained homeschooling and adoption to more people just by being out in the front yard than anywhere else. You know that feeling that most adolescents have that there is someone watching them all the time? Well, I'm beginning to suspect that in my case it's truly accurate. If it's not my children at home then it's other people when we're out. The only time I'm truly inconspicuous is when I'm out all by myself. No one suspects that I'm the odd woman who homeschools ten children and those ten children don't all match and includes little twins. (All of these items have garnered my comments and questions as I go about my life.)

And what was happening as we were outside enjoying this fine day? Well, TM and A. continued to work at learning how to do handstands.

TM has also taken it a step farther and can walk a bit on his hands as well. (Yeah, I know, still pictures don't really illustrate movement very well.) He's up to about 4 or 5 steps.

P. had a dance class at church, so I loaded the little girls into the stroller and walked her there (we only live four blocks away), taking K. and H. with me. K. may be small, but he is very strong and has developed quite a bit of endurance. He ran the whole way there and back, only pausing to wait for us at each corner. The beautiful thing of living with so many brothers and sisters is that H. is being exposed to so many possibilities. She was carefully watching K. as he bolted down the street and eventually decided to copy him. (There is also nothing like having a little brother or sister being able to do something an older child can't, to spur that child to action.) When we were in China, I saw H. run maybe two or three times and only a couple of steps when she did. The first time I saw her do any extended running was at the PT screening. Today was the first time I've seen her do extended running of her own volition. Would you believe that H. ran (it wasn't the fastest running I've seen, but it was RUNNING) the 1/2 mile home? The child who would get winded when we walked anywhere in China? Amazing. Truly amazing. God is good, He sets the lonely in families where they can blossom and flourish, just like the spring blooming around them.


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