Let's talk about something frivolous...

like hair, for instance. (I have an appointment with a child this afternoon that is making me rather distracted and need a diversion.) And of course, since I tend to over think things, I wonder if it is really a frivolous subject.

Over the past past six weeks, I have been waging a battle to change the part in H.'s hair to her non-affected side. (If you've ever changed a part, you know it can be done, but takes some time and effort to do.) Due to past surgeries, she has scarring where no hair grows. The trouble is that it is also the side that naturally wants to part. In doing this, I have questioned my motivations and what the tacit messages are that I may be sending to my daughter.

I certainly don't want her to feel I am embarrassed by her and want to cover up the affected part of her face, nor do I want her to think there is a need to cover anything up. But who among us doesn't want to look the best we can and make the most of what we have been given? I know (because she has told us through translators) that she does not like it when people stare at her. (Who would?) So, I have decided that the only thing I'm really communicating to my daughter is that I love her and want her to be able to look her best.

Here are the results so far. Her hair has grown some and so I'm also starting to trim some bangs. H. has to get used to a little longer bang. When I trimmed them and showed her, she indicated that she thought bangs should be two inches above the eyebrow. Um, I don't think so.

And some of G. and L. because when I spoke with my mother this morning, she pointed out that I had been pretty serious recently and had neglected to post pictures as a result. Here you go, Mom.

G. (who seems a bit obsessed with eye wear)



L. (who wouldn't turn around)

But gave a huge smile when A. moved around to L.'s front


LawMommy said…
I adore the lady bug blouses on the girls! Did you make them?
Sara said…
H, your hair looks beautiful!

G and L...I am always partial to twin girls...especially since we have our own set, with brown hair, and just a few months older! Our E loves eyewear right now, too!
thecurryseven said…
LawMommy - No, I didn't make them, my mother sent them. I haven't sewn in months and my sewing table looks like it. When I'm not sewing frequently, it starts to get piles of stuff dumped on it. Now I have to clean off the piles of stuff before I can sew.


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