I think I forgot to mention

that M. came home from college this past weekend and is all moved back into her room. This means that the piles of stuff which came home with her are now put away (though how it all fit in her half of her little, tiny dorm room is beyond me) and J. has moved all of his school stuff out of M.'s room and into our bedroom. It will be a gradual readjustment for all of us since yesterday she started a summer school class (drawing) which means she's gone all morning for four weeks.

It is so nice to have her home. I miss just talking with her and hanging out with her. Life is more lively when she's around. Another perk is that we'll also see a bit more of her friends who used to spend a lot of time at our house before they all left for college. This is one of those by-products of children heading out on their own that no one bothers to mention. Not only do you miss your own child, but if saw their friends in any great amount, you end up missing them as well.

I just like having everyone at home. The dinner table has the correct number of people sitting at it again. And now H. will have a chance to really get to know her oldest sister. (M. has been a bit of a mystery to H. We talk about her, but she's not here a lot. At first, H. thought other older girls who didn't live here were also her sisters. If M. was, why couldn't others be as well? Life can be confusing.)

I know a couple of people have asked about how M. like college and what it was like going there having been homeschooled up until that point. I will ask M. if she would be willing to do a brief interview with me about her experiences... best part, worst part, did she feel prepared, etc. I bet she will, especially if I'm the one who writes it all out.


Anonymous said…
It happens so fast, the growing up thing. Our number 3 and 4 are not going to be home much this summer. One is starting graduate school in 3 weeks and the other found a job in the college town where he spends his fall, winter and spring. Sigh. I don't think I want to imagine how quiet it will be around here this year. (okay, maybe not quiet. There are still 7 of us in the house!)


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