Friday, April 13, 2012

Special gift

A family friend (my mother's best friend... they met in grade school... who is so much like an aunt to me I've always used "aunt" to refer to her) made and sent these adorable aprons to the little girls. (She even made matching aprons for each of their dolls.)



L. (on left) and G.

L. (on left), who was put-out that A. had said no about something, and G.

L. (she recovers quickly)

I also promised our egg salad recipe to a reader, though it hardly counts as a recipe, as you'll soon see:

Egg Salad

Peel as many hard-boiled eggs as you will need and smash until they are in fairly small pieces.  Add mayonnaise (some), yellow mustard (to taste), and pickle relish.  If you don't have pickle relish we've also cut-up bread and butter pickles and added those or chopped a cucumber.  Mix well.

Sorry there's no exact measurements, but we do it by taste and sight and it's slightly different every time.

Also, I had to laugh at the comments on yesterday's post and the fact that the majority of commentors share my difficulty. I think I have figured out one key to my problem:  I am more likely to go to bed if I am all ready for bed. It seems that I am more likely to stay up later than I should if I know getting up means I can't just crawl into bed, but have to wash-up first. So, I experimented last night and got ready for bed before I picked-up my book. I discovered that it was much easier just to close (turn off) my book when I was feeling tired knowing that all I had to do was lie down and close my eyes. Perhaps I'll just get in my pajamas when the children do from now on. I know I'm tired enough to go to sleep at a decent time, maybe the key is not waiting until I'm too tired to get ready for bed. I'll try it and let you know how it goes.
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