Friday, April 20, 2012

New dresses for little girls and new glasses for a bigger one

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement. I am feeling better today and after having watched one of Karyn Purvis's DVD's last night even feeling a little hopeful about my boy.

A dear friend brought these sundresses for the little girls the other day and they wanted to wear them. G. is in the multi-colored dress and L. is in the blue one. G. also decided she needed to be wearing goggles and would not take them off. I have discovered the current best way to get pictures of these two is to bribe them with the promise of M&M's if they cooperate.

Yesterday, H.'s new glasses arrived. So far we have had no trouble with her being willing to wear them, so they must be helping in some way. I think it will be another day or two as her brain becomes used to the correction before we see huge changes in how she uses her eyes and how she moves about. I'm hopeful I will have some good news to report soon. The optician who fitted them did the best he could with a challenging situation. He was more concerned with getting the glasses so that she was seeing through them evenly rather than trying to get them straight on her face. That's L. in the picture below and can you tell today is much colder than yesterday was?

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Anonymous said...

Love the glasses and the dresses! I can't believe how big the girls are looking. They are growing up so fast!
Kim Crawford

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