We made it!

I wanted to let everyone know that we made it and things have worked out fine so far.  I had forgotten just how looooong that flight across the ocean is.  A. and TM seem to have adjusted to the time difference, but I still feel more than a little fuzzy.  Tomorrow, bright and early, we head to the registration office for our travel group to meet the children.  We are quite a large group.  Our guide said there are 13 families adopting 14 children.  The room could be fairly chaotic... and loud.

Currently, J. is off to the bank to exchange money and A., TM, and I are hanging out in the room.  We have a list of gifts and paperwork we have to prepare in order to be ready for the next two days.

I'm sure the next posts will be more eventful, but wanted to ease everyone's minds (particularly my parents) that we've made it thus far.


Anonymous said…
Great to hear you arrived in one piece with all of your belongings! Praying for tomorrow!
Such Excitement,
Kim Crawford
Pam Sutherland said…
Glad you've arrived safely. Thinking about you & excited for your first meeting with H!

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