I am amazed at how God uses people to accomplish His work.  I am humbled that I can be a part of it. There has been such an outpouring of generosity over these past few months, weeks, and days, it quite takes our breath away.

So for everyone who has offered emotional support, physical help, monetary donations, and donations of physical goods.  Thank you.  These two little words seem so small to convey the gratefulness we have in our hearts.   You have helped us to bring our little girl home.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Anonymous said…
It has been a joy to partner with you on this journey. We are looking forward to following you as you bring Miss H. HOME!
Kim Crawford
Anonymous said…
I thought I saw some where in your blog you mentioned of a way to donate to your family with the possibility of getting tax benefit. If so, can you please post that again? I've been thinking of you and your family lately and wanted to do something before you leave for China :)
thecurryseven said…
If you send me an email using the address, I will give you the specifics.

Thank you!


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