Happy 19th birthday, M! (A little bit belated)

Being a bit preoccupied with being in China and meeting my new daughter, I neglected to wish my first born a happy birthday on the blog.  M. turned 19 a couple of weeks ago, and sadly we were not in the country to celebrate with her.  I know she was given a lovely celebration by our friends, though.  Plus it was the beginning of her spring break and had a week long house party with some of her closest friends who were also on spring break.

I think it tells you quite a bit about M.'s level of maturity that we agreed to her staying in our house with her three (sometimes four) friends without an older adult presence.  It worked out well since one of the friends is the older daughter of the family who were watching our crew and with our children there, there was no room for their own daughter to sleep.  So she bunked at our house with M. and P19.  (Good friends, I tell you.)

I just can't brag about this child enough.  She is smart, responsible, fun, and caring.  J. and I have loved watching her grow into the lovely young woman she has become.  We are honored to be her parents.

Her birthday also added a few items on my to-do list that I was working on before we left.  You see, I had decided I would make her a quilt for her birthday.  There was still significant work on it that needed to be done up to the week before our departure.  But I did it! I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.

So, here is my public birthday recognition of your birthday, M.  We love you!  Can I still wish you many happy returns of the day even though it was a couple of weeks ago?


Melissa Werner said…
B- I’ll be in Chicago in January of next year. As I was making my plans I was thinking about the last time I was there. 1) It was January and you were pregnant with M! Incredible! 2) I was cold the entire week. When I’m there next year I plan on scheduling time to so I can finally meet all the family. I also plan on bringing heated socks and boots.
Happy Birthday to M!!
Melissa Werner said…
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thecurryseven said…
Oh, Missy, it would be so fun to see you! I remember when you were here last as well. We were in our apartment then... and it was cold. But was it really over 19 years ago?! Let me know when you have your dates and I'll make sure we're around.


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