Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday, A.

Today is A.'s 14th birthday, and what a delightful 14 year old she is. A. is smart and tenacious and funny and giggly and very helpful and really a joy to have around. Can you tell I like her just a little bit? We celebrated her birthday last night.

Instead of a cake or pie, she chose root beer floats for her birthday dessert. And she specifically wanted them in the fun tankards we have.

Instead of blowing out candles, everyone hoisted their tankard and toasted her while we sang "Happy Birthday."

Then it was time for presents. G. and L. have really caught on to the whole present-thing. We sang the right song, so they were convinced that they had gifts coming their way next. It was just a little disappointing to discover that other people get presents, too. They recovered a bit when A. promised they could help her unwrap her gifts.

P. had come up with her own plan for a gift for A., and carried it out on her own with a little help from her big brother. P. bought A. her very own box of breakfast cereal. (I don't buy breakfast cereal, so it is a pretty big treat around here.)

That big box was from B.  It contained an iTunes gift card. He won for most unexpected packaging. (Yes, the 16 year old boy used duct tape to close the box.)

Our gift to A. was a bunch of new clothes (which she desperately needed if she was going to be able to pack) and a trip to China. Pretty hard to wrap a trip or clothes a child is already wearing. But she did have one more gift to open. Grammy and Grandpa gave her a new digital camera so she can record her big adventure. I think she's pretty happy with it, don't you?

So, Happy Birthday, my darling girl! I love you very, very much!

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Kristin Mueller said...

Happy Birthday & many happy returns, A!

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