Sick of my computer

I have been sitting at the computer for more than a few hours.  I am in the process of making a photo book for TM's foster parents which will have photos of TM from the past 6 years.  It takes a while to sort through all the pictures, choose them, and then upload them.  It's fairly tedious, but I know it will be worth it.  Plus, if I want the book to arrive in good time before we leave, I need to finish it soon.

It's fun to scroll through all the photos and see how little everyone was 6 years ago, but it also makes my heart ache just a little bit because I want all my littler people back just for a moment so I can hug them again.  It also makes me realize just how behind I am in organizing the family photos.  I am seeing what my major summer project is going to be:  photo albums!  I think I have photo albums up to 2006 or so, but after that, I'm not so sure.  Having all my photos on disks and sorted into a CD binder has given me the illusion that they are organize, but no one can look at them.  What I should do is get in the habit of uploading photos to the photobook site every week or so and then when I have enough pictures, I can put them in a book.  It would be a lot less time consuming that way.

But, now I need to go and continue to work on my current project... the next set of photos are done uploading and I need to move on.


Anonymous said…
Have you tried Blurb I really like that picture making book product the best

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