Joy comes in the morning

Yes, it's true.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I appreciate it so much.  I can't tell you how much of a relief this is.  (Though maybe you can guess.)

But I can't get off my knees yet.  (That's kind of how this adoption has gone.)  We now need to get our consulate appointment and then all the travel dates are based off of that.  Our agency says they have two options they can apply for.  The first one would have us leaving the first week of March, the second option is leaving late in March and returning after Easter.  Obviously, this is not ideal for any number of reasons, but we are willing to make it work if we must.  But, oh, how much I hope it is the first date.  

Since we won't know for sure until early next week, I'm just going to enjoy knowing that I will be buying plane tickets soon.

Thank you Jesus!


LawMommy said…
Anonymous said…
Rejoicing with you! Praise the Lord for HIS goodness. We will continue to pray for His hand on the rest of the process and His peace over your heart and mind.
Kim Crawford
PTL for TA's today!

would love to connect on our SFCV kiddos. Im at
Molly - Josie's (adopted from Vietnam) Mom said…
asian~treasures said…
He's never early or late...perfectly ON TIME! Glad your TA is in hand...

Praying that sweet H's heart is prepared for news of HER family!! And, praying you travel early March.

It's China or bust. : )
thecurryseven said…
Thanks everyone. We are so excited.

Molly! How good to hear from you. How is sweet Josie doing?

jan said…
YAY x a MILLION!!!!!!
Molly Josie's mom said…
Josie is doing great! She is loving third grade. We moved 2 1/2 years ago to a small town north of seattle and have been so blessed the best little school. She has had three amazing teachers in a row that have included her in their class and allowed her to be as "typical" as possible.

She started this year in a special needs competitive cheerleading group and has just blossomed. She is the youngest on the team and so she gets to do a lot of the "flying" and as much as it is scary seeing her up in the air, she loves it. (this whole cheerleading thing is not something I ever imagined being a part of but she is happy so I am happy)

She has changed so much since bringing her home. She is such a good, sweet girl (that I always knew she could be). She is easy going and great big sister. She loves dogs and loves getting to boss our dog around.

I love reading your blog. I look to it everyday. You are such an encouragement and an inspiration. I can't wait to follow you on your trip to get H. We will be praying for you and your whole family.


thecurryseven said…
That's wonderful, Molly. It makes me so happy to hear how Josie is doing. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you are.

Amy said…
Wonderful news! Can't wait to follow you on your trip to H.
Stevens Family said…
Congratulations! So exciting!!

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