Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hair Dos

A. enjoys fixing her hair and other's hair as well.  It's a shame that she is surrounded by sisters who don't share her enthusiasm.  M. isn't much for fiddling with hair, so A. is out someone who will style hers and P. does not particularly enjoy having new hairstyles put in, so A. is out someone on whom to experiment.  Enter her littlest sisters, who do enjoy having someone fix their hair.  (I will add that A. is also pinning quite a few hopes on H., that she enjoys it as well.)  Thanks to Pinterest, A. has also found quite a few websites that have instructions on how to do interesting and/or elaborate hairstyles.  She even found one for little toddler heads.  L. and G. were happy to oblige.

These two pictures are of L.:

And another of L. which demonstrates why she doesn't seem to appear on the blog quite as much as her sister.  She's a little goofy and wiggly.

Here is G.'s:

And here is G. showing that her sister doesn't have a corner on goofiness:

In return for sitting still for a long time, A. agreed to put on 'nail paint'.  (L. had purple and G. had pink)

Of course, this could be a blessing in disguise.  This morning I overheard this conversation as A. was putting regular pokey-tails in G.'s hair.

G.:  Noooo!  4-5-6 pokey tails!!
A.:  Just two today.  I'm just putting in two.
G.:  Noooo!  4-5-6!  4-5-6 pokey tails!  7!

I'm sure you won't be too surprised when I show you today's hairdo's.



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