A break in the action

We have been doing other things around here.  For instance, last Sunday we went to a Tet party sponsored by our Families with Children from Vietnam group.  It is always held a little after the actual lunar new year because that way the local troupe of lion dancers can come and perform.

There were dragon puppets to make:


And lots of good food to eat:

L., A., and G.
And of course the lion dancers:

Everyone loves the lion dancers.  Well, almost everyone.  There were a couple of little girls who weren't convinced that they were a good thing.  When the lions first came out, G. started to scream at the top of her lungs.  Eventually, she calmed down and decided she liked all the fluff and shiny stuff on the lions.  Of course, at that point, one of lions came a little too close which terrified L. who started to scream.

The fun thing is that after the performance, the children are allowed to come and try to be lion dancers.  K. LOVES lion dancers and would have happily worn this the rest of the evening.  What you don't see is the person holding up the head of the lion because K. couldn't quite do it himself.

With the costumes on the floor, L. decided that perhaps they weren't as scary as she thought.

She even ventured to get underneath... and then proceeded to stand very, very still.

But underneath she was smiling.

K. managed to get several turns.

The dancers then put the costumes back on which made the little girls retreat again.  Poor L. was shaking every time one would come close and G. would sit on the risers and say, "Scary lion!  Scary lion!"  It was so pathetic... and cute.  We ended up taking them out of the room.

What else has been going on around here while I stalk my computer?

K. has entered a building phase and has built giant tower after giant tower with the Duplo.  He builds them all by himself by taking down upper sections, adding to them, and then carefully replacing them.  Tall Duplo towers are very loud when they fall on wood floors.

G. and L. have been taking many "trips".  This involves putting on all their outerwear (coats, hats, scarves, mittens, boots) and announcing to the room that they are going.  Off they tromp through the house, returning shortly with, "We back!"  At which point they go back into the mud room to take off all their outerwear.  They will then play for a few minutes, look up, announce they are going on a trip, and do it all over again.  It keeps them happy and they are cute wearing their hats.




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