Slowly easing back into reality

J. went back to work this morning, but we are not getting back into our regular school schedule until next week. (Can I tell you just how happy I was when I discovered I had planned this week as a vacation week long ago last summer?)  I am spending this week doing a spurt of organizing.  Yesterday I made curtains for G. and L.'s room and started reorganizing it.  Still to go are curtains for A. and P.'s room and some sorting and organizing in there as well.  I also plan on getting caught up with the laundry before real life begins again.

Last week I sorted and cleaned J.'s and my bedroom, which makes me breath contented sighs every time I go into it because I love not being confronted with dirt and chaos.  We had also done a pretty thorough cleaning of the rest of the house.  I feel as though I can think again, getting everything sorted out once more.

Of course, life is never so simple that I can make my list of things I want to do and then do them.  Instead of paying bills this morning, I ended up taking P. to the doctor because she was up in the middle of the night complaining her ear hurt.  This morning she still looked peaky and so I made the appointment.  It looks as though the ear might heal on its own, but as the doctor was listening to her breathing, she noticed some significant wheezing and ordered a breathing treatment.  P. took the treatment and the doctor was pleased that the wheezing had gone and P. was sounding as though she was breathing easier.  P., true to form, noticed no difference.  So, we have a prescription for an inhaler for her to use for the duration of the nasty cold that she has.  If this is a sign of things to come in 2012, let's just say I'm glad I have my new Kindle for long waits in the waiting room.

So now, I'm going to finish paying the bills and see if there is enough of the day left afterwards to continue on my quest to organize my children.


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