Not quite a year later, it's finished

Remember a loooong time ago I wrote about the felt book and doll I was making for H.?  Well, I'm happy to report, except for a hook and eye, it is all done.  Want to see it?

The biggest part of finishing it was to figure out how to do her name in my embroidery software and then stitch it on to the cover material.  I'm feeling pretty satisfied with how it turned out and it has given me a confidence boost to go ahead and try out other things with my embroidery unit.  Here's the cover.  It has a handle and the little loop in the upper center will fold over and fasten the whole thing closed.

Inside, the first panel has two pockets for holding all the loose bits.

Then comes a bedroom with rug and bed.  The pillow, bear, and book are loose and the sheet on the bed is attached at one end so the doll can be tucked-in.

The last panel is outdoors with a picnic blanket and an apple tree.  The picnic basket is loose and holds two plates each with a sandwich and banana.  I even made removable shoes for the doll.

The whole thing folds shut for carrying around.  I have to decide if I want to make any other loose felt parts for play.  Any suggestions?  (Don't suggest a second doll.  I don't think I have that in me at the moment.  But I did save the pattern I made to make the first one, so perhaps I will further down the line.)


Anonymous said…
That looks wonderful! You did an excellent job on it. I am sure H. will treasure it for years to come. Suggestions for additional pieces: ball, butterfly, bird, rainbow, lamp for the room.
Kim Crawford
sandwichinwi said…
Darling! No suggestions, but I bet the little girls (and I'm guessing K, too!) will want one when they see how fun it is!

Sara said…
Great job!!! I agree, I think you'll be making more of these for Christmas or Birthdays soon!!

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