Wednesday, January 04, 2012

God's to-do list

I'm sure every single one of you has had one of those days where you think you are going to do one set of things and you end up doing something completely different.  This can either be because it was a conscious decision on your part, but more often (at least in my experience) it is because of series of interruptions or distractions to an otherwise planned-out day.

I don't think that planning our days so they run in an orderly way and so that things are done to keep a family functioning is wrong.  The difficulty comes when we start to see our to-do list enshrined as divine decree instead of as merely suggestions.  God's to-do list, it seems, often looks very different from ours.  It is easy to forget that people take precedence over tasks, but God never does.

Recently I have had a couple of days in row like this.  A sick child needs to go to the doctor, a friend needs comforting, another child needs to talk.  These are the things which are important, but are very difficult to schedule because often we don't know about them in advance.  The trick, I find, is remembering their importance.  It is so easy to think ourselves a failure if that to-do list didn't get done and forget what we did accomplish.

I think I may begin to write on my list:

1.  Care for others... if time allows, the next items could stand to be done.

That way, I always complete my list and keep everything organized as well.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you! This is something that I really needed this morning as my main difficulty seems to lie in frustration with my children when my to-do list (which is often self-imposed) is not getting completed.

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