Building the Tabernacle, part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we had read through the account of the building of the Tabernacle and that I was quite struck with it.  Aside from just how beautiful it was, I also noted that the skill and ability to create this thing of beauty were a direct gift from God.  He gave the ability to 'devise artistic designs'; to work in gold, silver, and bronze; to carve and set stones, to weave, to embroider, to carve wood, to engrave, and to teach these skills to others.  God does not reserve creativity just for Himself, but allows his created children to get in on the fun as well.

Because, really, creating is fun.  It is rewarding. Usually, if we do not let ideas of perfectionism take over, that is.  I find I am at my most calm and satisfied if I have had time during the week to create and use my imagination.  It must be because creativity is part of who God is, and if we are created in His image, being creative must be part of who we are as well.  And the ability to create is given to us by God.

Being able to create things is not limited to a talented few, nor is it just in some realms.  The different types of skills needed for the tabernacle were many and one is not listed as being more important than another.  Also, since the ability to teach is listed that must mean that some skills must be learned.  It gives us permission to try and fail and constantly work on making our creative skills better.

All of this creativity was centered on building a tent for God.  A dwelling place.  A home.  Using resources and creativity for creating a home are not wasted.  God planned what people would see and hear and smell when they were in Him home.  Do we give the same attention to ours?  Let me clarify that this is not so others will see our homes and be impressed with us... our taste or our wealth.  But our care with our homes is so that we can welcome others and make them comfortable and give us the ability to point to God.  The Tabernacle was God's home and a place where people came close to God.  Do people entering our homes come close to God when they are there?


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