Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Why do I think anything with an adoption will be easy?

I guess I just need to keep praying about this adoption until the moment we sign on the dotted line and make it legal.  I was mistaken that from here on out things would be easy.  Today our LOA paperwork was supposed to arrive.  The idea was that I would have it all turned around and back at the FedEx pick-up by 8pm tonight so it could be back with our agency tomorrow.  (The clock doesn't start ticking again on our countdown to travel until our paperwork arrives at the US immigration office.)  Well, we waited and waited.  Our doorbell is not what you would call extremely functional, so we had someone parked near the front of the house most of the day to be sure we wouldn't miss the delivery.  Finally, after 5pm, when nothing had changed on the tracking information and no package had arrived, I emailed our agency to let them know about the missing package.  They suggested I call FedEx, which I did.

It's difficult to deliver a package which was never scanned in... and the agency had filled the envelope and put it in the drop box.  It turns out that the lock box which is used to send out packages is jammed.  Yesterday, when the agent went to pick-up from the lock box, he couldn't get it open, so left it and nothing was taken to be delivered.  After a long call to FedEx from our agency, someone is right now wrestling the lock box open and our package should arrive tomorrow.

I'm going to pray this package all the way here and back.  It is so evident to me that something doesn't want Miss H. to join our family.  This feels like a last ditch effort to stop her from coming.  To which I say, "Ha!"  God is greater and will win out and our H. will come home.  So there.

I actually am feeling quite serene and fearless.


asian~treasures said...

Praying that package to your doorstep right along with you!! NOTHING is impossible with God...not even a jammed FedEx box.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Praying!!!

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