We have won a major award!

It is not 'frah - gee - lay' and it was not delivered in a huge crate, but we won it all the same.  Here is our award... it was sitting on our front porch waiting for us to return from the orthodontist:

Yes, we won a 12-oz can crusher.  It's from our fair city and the note attached informs us that our city sanitation employees were monitoring everyone's recycling and refuse and they thought that we set a good example of exemplary recycling based on the quantity and quality of material in our recycling bins.  They even placed a sticker on our recycling bin to let our neighbors know of our achievement.  We're so proud.  (And so happy to see our tax dollars at work.)

In other news, with M. home, the boys have been entertained.  K. requested a house today that he could play with, so M. whipped this up:

That girl loves hot glue and cardboard.  TM was inspired and created this.  (M. helped only with the actual hot glueing.)  TM also requested that I tell everyone that he is still working on it and it's not finished yet.

My kitchen is filled with glue and cardboard scraps, but the children are fairly content and occupied.  Not a bad compromise for December 22.
If you're interested, I was interviewed for Mommy Page.  Here's the direct link for the 'Mommy of the Moment'.  (I just need to say that this is their term, not mine!)


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