A little bit of cuteness

Here is a short video of L., G., and K. singing their rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" and a few photos of L.  First about the hair.  In the video, while it looks as though they took a bowl of greasy noodles, rubbed their hands in them, and then rubbed their hands all over their heads, this is not what happened.  The night before, having grown weary of the really horrible cradle cap they were both sporting, I put them in the tub and poured a fair bit of baby oil on their heads.  After a really good scrubbing, I shampooed, but it turns out that it takes more than one shampoo to get out the amount of baby oil I used.  It's probably the one time that the whole rinse-and-repeat-thing was necessary.  So we lived with some really greasy hair for a day and took care of it the next evening.  In the still photos, it's just static.  Winter is not kind to girls with thin, straight hair.

In the video, L. is on the left and G. is on the right and K. moves around.  (He's easier to pick out anyway.)  The three photos are all of L.  Some days she just gets more pictures taken of her because she is the queen of goofy faces.

This last is also of L. from yesterday when we went to buy our Christmas tree.  I had taken one picture and then my battery died.  Figures.  Oh well, it was a pretty quick venture since it was all of 28 degrees and no one was feeling particularly picky about the tree.  Just imagine us walking around and shivering a bit, looking at trees, and saying, "Do you like this one?"  Until we felt we had looked at the correct token amount, looked at one more and said, "That looks good... let's go."  It took longer to drive there than it did to pick the tree.  TM was a bit disappointed since each tree he choose happened to be in the 11-15 foot range and we would have had to cut several feet off just to stand it up.  He wasn't quite understanding that trees look smaller outside than they do inside.


sandwichinwi said…
K and Sunshine. Twins separated at birth. (or at conception, I guess, since they were born in different countries.)

'Dorable, greasy hair and all!


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