Young thespians

Yesterday was the class performance of the acting class P. and D. have been taking.  They were working on an abridged version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  P. was Susan and D. was Fenris Ulf, the head of the White Witch's secret police (who is also a wolf).  They did a nice job.

D. was particularly excited about performing.

P. removed her costume before I could get a picture of her.  We are now heading into an intense week of theater.  This weekend is M.'s final weekend of Hideous Progeny, about the Shelleys and Lord Byron and the writing of the novel, Frankenstein.  (I would hound you all to go to it... since they have received rave reviews... but it's sold out.)  Next week is tech week for A. in Little Women with her performances next weekend.  I hounded you yesterday about attending that show, so I'll hold off  'til next week to hound you again.

After an intense month of rehearsals and performances, the holiday season is looking more manageable!


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