Monday, November 21, 2011

Some adoption links

I'm starting in on my rather large to-do list so that I can enjoy Thanksgiving when it arrives, so instead of writing something myself, I'm going to give you a few links to what some other writers have said about adoption.

First from my real-life friend Ann at Crazy for Kids:

Remembering his Losses

The Happy Ending

Next is the excellent National Adoption Month post from No Greater Joy Mom:

Reckless Abandon

Then a great list by Lisa at A Bushel and a Peck (who also has such great information on her blog about parenting children who have experienced trauma) about how to help families who have just brought home a new child:

Six Things Adoptive/Foster Families Need When New Children Arrive

And finally an essay on why you shouldn't adopt.  I know it's an odd thing to include on this list, but read it anyway.

Don't Adopt

I can't help including one more link on my list after you have read all the great writing above.  (You did read it, didn't you?)    Here's the link to H's friend, Joseph, who still waits for a family.  As far as anyone knows, no one has asked for more information on him or asked how they can locate his file.  It only takes one family.  One family out of the millions of families out there to say yes to giving a young boy a home and permanent future.

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