Friday, October 07, 2011

When it's nice in Chicago...

especially in early October, you really need to spend the day outside.  With the thermometer going up to at least 80 degrees today, we decided to head to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to enjoy the last bit of warmth we will feel for a while.  We had nothing planned, just enjoyed walking around the garden.  We saw a pair of swans who evidently don't seem to mind humans based on how close they got.

This one got a little too close to one of the little girls for my comfort, but then turned around, displayed his(?) wingspan and walked back into the water.

A. then took my camera and played around with it.  I think she might be a budding photographer, what do you think?  (The next photos are hers.  I may just assign her the 'family photographer' job.)

And, if I have a recipe published on another website, can I call myself a 'food writer'?  Here's my recipe for Beef with Asian Greens Stir-Fry.

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Kristin Mueller said...

A's pictures are great! They reminded me of a project my aunt did. She photographed wildflowers in Colorado, then created notecards, bundled them together, and gave them as gifts. I thought it was such a creative idea and wanted to share it! A's pictures would make lovely cards. :)

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