Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes insight comes from unlikely places

"Do not think of it, he ordered himself.

To forget it he began to run, almost colliding with a group of glassmakers as he turned into the main thoroughfare that paralleled the Nile.  He dodged in and out among the homebound workers, shouting greetings to Kai the baker's boy and a few other urchins he knew.  He was turning his whole attention to physical activity so that he might not notice the nagging uneasiness beginning to force its way into the conscious part of his mind.  It grew stronger and stronger the nearer he drew to the Street of the Crooked Dog, but the stronger it grew the faster he ran, refusing to let it in, shoring up the bulwarks of his mind against it."

   -from The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

As I read this at lunch (it's our current lunchtime read aloud) I was struck by the imagery of the physical motion and exertion in order to avoid thinking about things that were unpleasant and uncomfortable.  Another small piece to a very large and complicated puzzle seems to have fallen into place.

And it's a good book.
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Shonya said...

Cool quote to stand out to you. And I agree--EXCELLENT book! :)

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