Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sewing machine? What sewing machine?

After a very long hiatus, I have found my sewing machine and have actually used it.  I don't know why I had gone so long.  I enjoy sewing and don't lack for people to sew for.  Really I think it boils down to that huge ironing pile I dealt with on Saturday.  Clearing that out has made me realize what a huge mental block it had become.  It was as though I couldn't do anything because I had to take care of the ironing first.  I was punishing myself for not meeting my own (too) high standards.  By giving myself permission to iron as needed, I was suddenly free to do other things.  It all sounds a bit silly to write it out, but there it is.  

And here is the fruit of my rediscovered sewing machine:

This is a knit shirt for P., who had picked out this pattern and material early in the summer.  The idea was that it would be short-sleeved and she would wear it for the warmer months.  But the beginning of summer was also the beginning of my little ironing mania-thing (as well as being a bit mentally distracted about the lack of progress with our homestudy), and it didn't get made.  I was relieved to see that there was another version with long sleeves which P. also liked.  It fits her quite well and even better she likes how it looks and feels.  (If you know P., and her very specific taste in clothing, you'll understand what a feat this is.)

I even broke a few rules and used a woven binding on the knit for the trim.  It was cut on the bias, so it stretches a bit, plus the back closes with a hook and eye at the neck so it still goes over her head.

I had forgotten how much I love creating things.  It's good to have rediscovered that now, since the holidays are quickly approaching and I have projects to work on!

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