Wednesday, September 07, 2011

This is a what?

Here is a short video from Monday night at our Labor Day party.  This is what happens when nine 13-19 hear olds sit together.  (They were actually much louder than the fourteen 2-10 year olds in the kitchen.)  It was hilarious to watch them.  They are playing the game, "This is a what?"  Have you heard of it?  It's a lot of fun, but terribly difficult to explain in writing.  Here goes:

Have the players sit in a circle and collect a pile of small objects (the same number of objects as players) which can be passed around the circle.  The first player picks up an object, turns to the player on her right and says, "This is a fork (or whatever the object happens to be)".  The second player then asks, "A what?"
Player 1: "A fork"
Player 2:  "A what?"
Player 1:  "A fork"
Player 2:  "Oh, a fork!"

At this point Player 1 picks up a new object, turns to Player 2 and says, "This is a spoon." While at the same time Player 2 is showing Player 3 the fork and saying, "This is a fork."  After having said this, Player 2 turns to Player 1 and says, "A what?", turns back to Player 3 and says, "This is a fork" turning back and forth in the rhythm of the game until it's time to say, "Oh a spoon!" finally identifying what the player to the left is holding.  Eventually everyone is showing the player on their right an object and saying, "This is a _______" and then turning to the player on their left and saying, "A what?" as the objects slowly make their way around the circle.  The object is to keep everything moving without saying the wrong thing or breaking the rhythm and once everyone gets the hang of it, it can be sped up. 

Got it?  Now go back and watch the clip again and what is going on at the table might make a little more sense.


MRK said...

I used to love playing this game. :-)

Annette said...

I loved playing this game too!!!! We actually still play this game or other card or board games when my family gets together. :-) I have 3 sisters, and our whole family has always loved playing games together. Thanks for sharing this clip. It brought back lots of memories. Such fun!

Hmmm, maybe I should tell you about the "cup game" where you keep a beat with your hands and the cup. It's a lot of fun, but it's loud. It also starts off slow and can get fast, as you turn/flip and pass the cup to your neighbor. I am sure the kids in this video would love it! :-)

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