Notary disasters... or why labor is easier

"It isn't much fun for One, but Two
Can stick together," says Pooh, says he.
"That's how it is," says Pooh.
                   from "Us Two" in Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne

Going downtown to have adoption documents certified and notarized isn't much fun by yourself, but if a good friend volunteers to go down with you and help you navigate the Ch*nese consulate for the first time and then have lunch, it's a lot better.  It is especially nice to have that friend along when you find out that the notary you used for some of your paperwork wasn't really a notary at all and the Secretary of State won't certify the documents, because then you are not as tempted to go cry in a corner over the lost time and future expediting fees.

So, my fantasies of being nearly done with the dossier were dashed and I find myself looking at a third trip downtown, redoing 6 documents, and paying the more expensive expediting fees on top of it all.  I guess we're going to claim this week as our fall break and go a week later than I had planned when I did my schedule.

This is worse than being sent home from the hospital with false labor.  At least then all that needs to be done is sit and rest, drink some blackberry leaf tea, and let people wait on you.  This is just a royal pain... and not the productive type, either.

I don't think I can manage any optimistic or hopeful things to write right now.  I'm tired, angry, have bills to pay (which this will not help), and feel as though this adoption is never going to come about.  I am so tired of roadblocks.


LawMommy said…
Someone who wasn't a notary "notarized" your documents???

You should probably report that person to whatever governing body governs notaries in the State of Illinois, which, as near as can tell from some very fast googling, might be the Department of Index. (We don't have a "department of index" in my state, and it sounds like it might be made up by J.K. Rowling...but here is the contact info, according to the Sec of State for Illinois:

Department of Index
111 E. Monroe
Springfield, Illinois 62756
thecurryseven said…
Yep, that's what happened. And I was at the Department of Index (Chicago branch... and it is a funny name) getting everything notarized when it happened, so they know. I made sure to point out that it wasn't really just an accidental error and she assured me that someone would be getting in trouble. That made me happy. Well, as happy as I could be at that point.

Amy said…
That stinks!!!!! Praying God gives you peace and a smoother path through the rest of this process. I want H to come home soon!
Shonya said…
{hug} I am so sorry! As if the adoption walk isn't complicated enough!! The enemy hates adoption--this sounds like just the sort of thing he would do to try to discourage you. Don't let him win, my friend, remember once H is home, you will hardly be able to remember this.
mom2super6 said…
Praying for you and for H. God has perfect timing.
Andy and Amy said…
We had a similar thing happen with our first dossier. The notary's license expired before we could get it through the other hoops. Frustating!! Labor hurts no matter whether it's physical or paper-work. We're hoping to be DTC tomorrow for our second and third adoptions. Praying for you in your journey!

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