Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Not much time to blog today.  First there was school all morning, followed by a stock-up run to the big box store for paper goods and peanut butter (will all the apples in the house there has been a run on peanut butter as everyone really likes it on apples), and now I need to prepare for the group of girls who are heading to my house in about an hour.

For the past three years, I have led a girls' Bible study, starting out with M. and her friends.  Nearly all of them have moved on and I am on to the next generation, so to speak.  These are younger sisters of the original group plus a couple of other friends.  It has been a wonderful experience getting to watch these girls grow and mature in young ladies.

And this is a serious Bible study, so is good for me as well.  Last year we worked our way through I and II Kings and this year we are diving into Isaiah.  That's right, I will be spending my Tuesday afternoons leading a group of 13 to 17 year old girls through Isaiah.  (As I said, it is good for me as well.)  The reaction from the girls has been very positive.  They like studying something 'real' and have been filled with good questions and observations.

All this could lead me into a nice long rant about our American tendency to feed pablum to our young people, but I don't have time. Sorry.


sandwichinwi said...

Do you use a curriculum or guide, or wing it on your own?

I love reading through the Bible and our Biblical history curriculum with my girls. We learn so much!

Are most of the girls homeschooled? I found when I taught 6th grade Sunday School last year, my dd and one (not homeschooled) boy were they ONLY ones of 6 kids who had ANY idea about the Bible. And these were all kids who grew up going to church and SS every week! Joseph, David, the Exodus, Moses--no idea! Martin Luther = Martin Luther King Jr. (actually they knew much more about the latter!)



thecurryseven said...


I usually read through a commentary and then rely on my years of inductive Bible study experience to make up questions. Often, the girls have enough questions on their own that I don't have to do too much work in that department. Most of the girls are homeschooled, and my older girls were pretty Biblically literate. This new group... well, they're young. It will be exciting to see their familiarity grow.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to keep consistent in your own study and to pass on the truth to the next generation.
We mostly read straight from God's Word for our family worship. It is a joy to watch our children come to know God's Word personally. It makes me think of the individuals from history who spent time around a dinner table hearing and reading God's Word(Corrie Ten Boom, Diedrich Bonhoffer). God's Word alone is powerful to impact the hearts of our children. I praise God for His Spirit who wonderfully applies His truth to our hearts.
Kim Crawford

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