Enjoy some pictures while I work

We spent the morning at the Field Museum seeing the special exhibit on whales and then headed downstairs to the Crown Family PlayLab, which we had never visited.  Well, everyone enjoyed it, but G. and L. loved it!  There was a lot of hands-on things to do... such as a little forest area which they liked:


But what they loved was the pueblo exhibit where they could pick corn:

And take the corn inside the pueblo and cook the corn...

which they did over and over and over.  Plant, pick, cook, plant, pick, cook.  It was sad to leave until we told them we were going to have lunch.  It was a good morning.  I even got a close-ish metered spot on the street.  (Oh, and a complete aside:  Please visit the Field whenever you can.  They are one of the area museums who still have a large family friendly member policy.  You can mention how much you appreciate that when you visit.  It can't hurt.)

Now I'm back at my desk organizing adoption stuff and working on some articles which are due.  I'm doing a lot of writing, just not for the ol' blog.


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