Monday, September 05, 2011

Block party 2011

Yesterday was our block party.  The fire engine came:



K. was thrilled to be able to climb all over it.  Fire trucks are a very close second to all things Cars for him.

And the fire fighters sprayed the hose.

D. is in the white t-shirt in the center

(l-r) P., TM, a friend and A.

G. and L. were content to watch from a distance.


The little girls preferred the bounce house for small people.  (There was a also a bounce house for bigger people.)

(l-r) G., K., L.

And there was bobbing for donuts... a neighbor hung donuts from their tree and the object was to be the first to eat the donut without using your hands.

K. didn't quite get the "without hands" part.

After it was over, G. wanted to try.

L. preferred hers in her hand in Mommy's arms.

K.'s donut aftermath.

Of course, one of the best parts of a block party is being able to play in the street.

The dessert table was also popular.

Because they're cute.

G. on left, L. on right

You will notice some children are missing from the pictures.  That is because they were riding their bikes up and down (and up and down and up and down) the street the entire day.  G. and L. didn't have bikes to ride, but they enjoyed a ride in the (garbage-picked!) wagon.

G. in pink, L. in green

Today, we will actually be laboring.  Cleaning and straightening is on the docket in preparation for the beginning of our school schedule tomorrow.  All the hard work will be followed by a potluck dinner with a few close friends.  (All 18 of them.)

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asian~treasures said...

Oh my goodness!! We have the exact same wagon...ALSO garbage-picked! : )

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