Apple picking in the rain

Today was our planned day to go and pick apples.  It was raining off and on, but when it comes to fruit, we don't let a little water get in our way so off we went.  We met our friends and enjoyed their company and picked a lot of apples (3 1/2 bushels).  We also ate quite a few.


K.  (with an apple nearly as big as his head)

P8, TM and L.

Now, I don't know about you, but even picking 7 bags of apples does not take us very long.  It's a shame to drive so far only to turn around and go home, so we packed lunches, headed to a park, and enjoyed the now sunny weather.

TM and P8
A good day all around.  Of course now I have to do something with all these apples...


Shonya said…
What a fun day! And I hear you--now let the work begin. We have apples and peaches on our trees and I really need to get to work here. . .
Angie said…
We all loved your apple pie recipe! Now I have 3 batches ready to go in the freezer. I used my electric steamer to steam the apples. It worked nicely.

Let me know if you want to borrow our peeler/corer. I'm sure you could use a few.
Lucy said…
Stay out of the rain! Seriously...since the nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan was damaged in their earthquake earlier this year, the rain coming down off the jet stream is not what rain used to be. It is seriously radioactive, mostly shorter half life, but enough of that to destroy a thyroid if you're exposed to it. You guys are near Chicago, which is not that far from St. Louis where the rainfall is being tracked.

FWIW, it's concerning enough to me that my kids don't go out in the rain without boots, jackets and then only to run from the car to a building if absolutely necessary.

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