Friday, August 12, 2011

Some links so that I can let others do the writing

The Australia library books are due and I can't renew them again, so we will be spending the day finishing them.  For your reading enjoyment, I giving you a few links to take a look at.

First up is a link that my real-life, fellow VN adoptive mom over at The Adventures of Law Mommy shared with me.  It is for a blog all about books called, in so many words... .  I think I may have reading material to keep me set for at least a couple of years.  I'm excited because I felt as though I was in a fiction drought and reading only non-fiction can get tiring.

Next, a while back I pleaded for help locating books on Australia.  Christine, who happens to live in Tasmania, was a huge help (thank you!) and steered me toward the Australian bush poets.  I had never heard of the bush poets and I am so glad that I do now.  Next week we will start in on doing the art section of our Australia unit study and the poetry of Banjo Paterson will be part of it.  I particularly like the poem Mulga Bill's Bicycle.

Now, with all those books and poems to read, what is needed now is something chocolate.  I came across a recipe for Roasted Cherry Brownies over at Annie's Eats.  With a pan full of these delicious-looking things, a big mug of tea, and several of the books and poems, I could easily be set for several days.  Of course the uninterrupted time could prove difficult, but one can dream.  When all my children are a little older and less prone to wander aimlessly leaving havoc in their wake, I think I'm going to institute a once-a-month family reading day.  It will be the day we all dress in comfortable clothes and lounge in comfortable chairs while we read good books all day long.  Sounds lovely, huh?  I figure we can begin in say, oh, about 6 more years.

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