We drove into SW Michigan yesterday to go peach picking with some friends. 

L. in the red hat and G. in the pink


K. ... they were tasty peaches

L. and A. -- We have 3 bushels.  That means 6 of these bags.

It was a lovely day... beautiful weather... easy picking... good company.  We went the same place where we go apple picking.  It's a very nice farm that is not very crowded.  That is one of it's benefits in my book, so I am a little hesitant to share the name.  (I don't like crowds.)  But, since I want them to stay in business, I will.  We were at Shafer Orchards in Baroda, Michigan.  If you're close, I highly recommend them.  (They have really good prices, too.  $15/half bushel.)  There were still a lot of peaches, so you haven't missed them.  Don't you want to spend all next week processing peaches, too?


sandwichinwi said…
I do not! I spent all afternoon canning 28 qts and a cobbler. Tomorrow is 2 batches of jam and then I think mine will be gone.

How will you preserve yours? I do qts with a 1 to 5 syrup. Easy peasy.

And I cheat. I buy mine at the grocery store. This year a young kid sold them to me right off the floor for $19.50 for what was supposed to be 22 lbs. But he heaped the boxes full and when we weighed them at home, they were 24 and 25 lbs each. How much does a half bushel weigh?

Anyway, my kids are tired of peaches for the time being. At least, Pepper is. She did most of the slicing.

Share pics when you're done!

sandwichinwi said…
BTW, I paid $22 and $24 for a lug last year, so I felt like it was a deal this year!

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