Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Lovely weddings

Over the past year, there have been three weddings at our church that we (either our whole family, or M. and B.) have been invited to.  Each of these weddings have been lovely.  And they were lovely because they weren't over-the-top.  These weren't small weddings; many, many people were invited, but they also didn't fall into the 'princess-for-a-day' error.  I am so glad that it is these weddings that my daughters have been witnessing. 

What did I find so refreshing about them?  Well, the biggest part was that the wedding ceremonies were worship services.  The focus of each wedding was that these two people were making a pledge before God that they were now going to become one entity.  A new family.  These services reminded the congregation that marriage is indeed a sacrament.

The next thing I found refreshing was that entire families, including young children were invited.  A wedding isn't a show, it is a worship service.  If we say that children belong in worship services with their families, then they belong in the other, sacramental services as well... weddings, funerals, and baptisms.

Last, the receptions were in the church hall with cake and punch.  The guests were able to greet the new couple and enjoy a time of refreshment and fellowship, all the while knowing that the couple (or the parents' of the couple) were not accruing major debt to host the party.

Now, I know the saying about glass houses and all that.  J. and I did have quite a big wedding with a dinner reception afterwards, but I like to think that it wasn't over-the-top either.  (Frankly, I have very few memories of the whole thing... it is a bit of a blur.  I do remember the endless receiving line, though.)  But, I am also realistic and know that there is no way that J. and I could ever afford such an affair for our daughters.  I love that they have had such wonderful examples to witness this past year.
I have a request for all of you.  Would you please keep M. in your prayers tomorrow morning at 8:30 CDT?  She will be having another surgery on her knee to remove the huge piece of loose cartilage and to rebuild a new ligament to that the knee cap will be stabilized.   It is out-patient and assuming all goes well, we will bring her home tomorrow afternoon.  But it is still surgery and she will still be going under and we are all just a bit nervous and will be glad when it is over.  Thank you.  I know I have amazing prayer warriors who read this blog.  I'll update tomorrow when we're home and all is well.


LawMommy said...

I cannot believe what people spend on weddings, I really can't.

I agree that children should be present for weddings and other services. My father and I got into a horrible, awful, wretched, heart-breaking fight after J~ died last year. My father insisted that my children shouldn't attend the funeral, and my aunt (J~'s wife) was adament that my children attend. (I don't know that I would take children to the funeral of a casual aquaintance, but J~ was loved by them like a grandfather, and I really thought they needed to be there.) In the end, they were there, but it has caused a rift in my family ever since, and it still makes me sad that we had such a fight about it.

Jason said...

I will note that (if I'm guessing right the three weddings you're referring to), each of those weddings did have modest evening dinner receptions, with a small guest list of mostly family. The cake and punch receptions were born out of a desire to be able to include everyone in the celebration!

Jason said...

Oh, and we're praying everything went well for M. today!

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