Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The invalids are growing restless

Yes, I'm aware that the subject of my title is plural.  That is because not only is M. recovering from surgery, but A. is not quite up to full speed, either.  On Monday, she accidentally got hit across the top of the base of her thumb during a freak plastic sword fighting incident.  It sent her into spasms of pain and she couldn't move it.  After icing it for a while, the pain was less, but it was still immovable.  It was that non-moving part that caused me to call the doctor.  We took her in, had an x-ray taken, and had the doctor (not our usual) tell us, "I don't know what's wrong, we'll call."  So, here's the scoop:  It is not broken, but they aren't sure what is going on with it.  If it is not better in a few days (or gets worse), we are to take her back in.  She was able to move it a little more yesterday, but you still couldn't consider her having an actual opposable thumb on her right hand.

So, now I have M. who is tired of being cooped-up and A. who wants to use her right hand, not feeling entirely happy.  I found them yesterday snuggled together in the guest room bed watching sometime on M.'s computer.  It was a sweet moment of sisterly togetherness if you can overlook their combined injuries.

M., despite her frustration, is doing quite well.  She is up and about, using just one crutch, and can hobble without if needed.  I think by next week, when she moves into the dorm, she will be functional enough to make it work.  Do pray for A., though.  I don't know quite else what to do, and boy, it would be wonderful if it could be fixed without involving more doctors!


Mom said...

Did the doctor mention that it could have been a nerve that got whapped? This is incredibly painful, and it does heal but it can take longer than other types of injuries.

asian~treasures said...

I was going to mention a nerve, too. I had an injury in high school when I was on the color guard with the marching band. A flag hit my wrist & the nerve was affected. It hurt for awhile & I couldn't move it for several days. It did progressively get better.

thecurryseven said...

I'm thinking nerve as well, but your story helps, Asian treasures. And hey, I was in the color guard with the marching band my freshman year of high school, too!


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