Monday, August 15, 2011

History co-op kick-off feast

Last night our history co-op had a long postponed feast.  We went the path of least resistance and everyone dressed in whatever costumes, from whatever time period we all happened to have. 

Here are all 27 children in a variety of costumes... from Rome all the way to modern times:

The more ancient end of the spectrum.  K. should have been further down the line with the more colonial American types, but he really wanted to stand next to his best-buddy, P4, who was a crusader.

The 18th/19th century types:

Heading on into the 20th/21st century... I think the ones on the end did a fabulous job imitating the teenage dress of the 21st century, don't you?

And because it's cute, here are the four littlest.  (L. is in red and G. is in purple):

The mothers didn't particularly want to pose for pictures, so they were taken on the sly.

And just because.  Here is L.  She had 'pokey-tails' earlier in the day, but pulled them out.  This picture gives you a sense of her personality.

And G.  Her dress was a little long even after hemming, but by the end of the evening she was good about holding her skirts up as she walked.  It was pretty cute.


Hannita said...
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Anonymous said...

E - you look great.
And I love the picture of the littles with TM peeking out from behind the table.

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