Thursday, August 04, 2011

Back to reality

My parents head back to Arizona this morning which means the rest of us have to come back to reality from our little mini-vacation.  While they were here, we were treated like royalty... lots of treats and take-out.   Which was really just the icing on the cake of having them here.  The hard part of having moved so far away from where I grew up is that it makes it difficult to visit.  Arizona is just not somewhere you wake up in the morning and drive to on the spur of the moment.  At least not when you live in Illinois.  So we have to enjoy our visits for all they're worth when they happen.

So the pre-departure moping by some children has already begun and I think I will plan on keeping everyone pretty busy this afternoon as a distraction.  They adore their grandparents and don't like to say good-bye.

Thank you Mom and Dad... we love you and love to spend time with you.  And you really do spoil us!

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