Monday, July 04, 2011

Pink and blue

I know, not very patriotic... those pictures will come tomorrow.  In the meantime, while we're busy celebrating the 4th, enjoy these pictures I took of the little girls yesterday.  If I could put these two in sailor dresses every day, I would. My sailor dress obsession has paid off because I have several sets of coordinating dresses which are perfect for twin girls.

G. is in pink and L. is in blue.

(This is G. scowling at me and telling me not to take any more pictures.)

(Here, too.)

(Having older brothers means that 'sword fighting' has become one of their favorite games.)

1 comment:

comemorning said...

Ok so I LOVED the kitchen in the playhouse. But just had to put up a comment on this post--the girls in their incredibly adorable girly dresses--swordfighting--is just too cute. Made me smile.

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