No pictures because my little girls were too busy being scientists

That's what the little certificates say... G. and L. are now officially baby scientists.  This morning J. and I took G. and L. down to his school to participate in a psychology study about children and language.  It was really easy because the study was using eye tracking to study language acquisition (or something like that) and so the girls each watched a three minute video while their eye movements were video taped.  Afterwards they were each presented with a 'Baby Scientist' certificate and a new book.  (The book was by far the most popular of the two items.)  What was most fun for me was just being out with J. and the little girls by ourselves.  Trust me, this doesn't happen very often.

To make a nice morning, we then went to a Vietnamese bakery and picked-up some banh mi sandwiches and headed to a park for a picnic.  G. and L. had a lovely time eating and swinging and playing and greeting everyone who walked by.  And they looked particularly cute in their twirly dresses, black Mary Janes, and pigtails.  They each had two pigtails on top of their heads which tend to stand straight up.  Think Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas... just like that.  I really need to teach them to say, "Santy Claus, why?  Why are you taking our Christmas tree, why?" while they are still not more than two and before their hair grows longer.

(ps If you are on or near the north side of Chicago and have a child around the same age, the study is still going on and they are looking for more little scientists to participate.  Email me for more information.)


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