In the dark...

[J.--posting from a nearby coffee shop.]

Ahh, life off the grid!  Literally... off the grid... since the power went out last night.  And the electric company's automated phone system informs us that it may be Friday night before we are back on the grid.  Ironically, the laptop has plenty of battery power and the phone line works... but the modem/router must be plugged in.

Let's count our blessings:
  • So far, everyone enjoys life by candlelight.  
  • It was pleasantly cool today, so we kept the doors and windows open.  
  • We bought enough dry ice to keep the freezers cold for now.  
  • The stove is gas, so we can still light the burners by match.
  • I'm off work this week to do some home renovations, and today's demolition work required no electricity.  (Apart from the cordless sawzall!)
  • Spaghetti for dinner.
 Anyway... don't expect many posts for a day or two. 


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