Happy birthday, D.!

I know that this is a shocking two posts in one day, but the bee swarm was too good not to share and today happens to be D.'s 8th birthday.  D. is my most gregarious child and he collects friends as easily as the rest of us collect... well, anything.  He is charming and friendly and has a very tender heart.  It's probably why he's so good in the friend department.  In addition to these wonderful attributes, he also has a fantastic memory combined with a love of story.  This means that he is often regaling us with play-by-play accounts of whatever story he has just listened to or read.  (I will add for some brothers and sisters, this is not necessarily one of his most endearing traits.  Having siblings helps to teach patience.)

We will celebrate tonight and also do an official celebration for B., G., and L.  There will be lots of presents and for my two fall birthdays, I imagine they will each have a brief Frances moment.  ("That's the way it is, Alice.  Your birthday is always the one that is not.")  Doing it this way saves on the amount of pie I have to make, because, conveniently, all the June birthdays (at least those who have an opinion) prefer pie to cake.  I will be sure to take pictures to share with you all, just in time to celebrate J.'s birthday tomorrow.

So, happy birthday my darling boy.  I love you very much!


asian~treasures said…
Happy Birthday, D!!

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