Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Care package

I've written before that H. is at Shepherd's Field Children's Village.  It is a lovely place and the children are so well taken care of.  In order to support the running of the home, each of the children needs a number of sponsors.  We are happy to support one of the little girls who live there and have the chance to send care packages for her.  Clothes and toys that she could play with were what she could currently use, so I picked up a cute outfit and tomorrow will stop at the toy store and look for things that I think she could manipulate (she is missing both hands).  I love being able to have such real contact with a child we are helping to support.  If you have ever wanted to do a child sponsorship I would strongly encourage looking into SFCV.  (I also love sponsoring through Compassion International as well.  Getting letters from the boys we sponsor is wonderful.)

We are also including a few things for H., but she will not be told who is giving them to her.  She indicated that she would like stickers and beautiful spring dresses.  I have the stickers and made her a couple of dresses.  I hope they fit her mental image of a 'beautiful spring dress'.

Now to put everything in a box and get is all ready to send.


Rusulica said...

those dressed made me cry. i remembered the love my mother put into sewing clothes for me. i hope both girls will be home soon.

Kristin Devine Mueller said...

I absolutely think those qualify as beautiful spring dresses! Praying for you and your family.

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