Silly girls... or maybe it's more accurately silly outfit

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We are often blessed with hand-me-downs from friends.  In this last batch was a little cheerleader's outfit.  Now, if you know me in real life, you know I'm not the cheerleader type or the sports associated with cheerleaders, so I find it a little amusing that I'm sharing these pictures.

G. and L. happened to see the outfit and were immediately entranced and had to put it on.  L. has become a clothes-remover extraordinaire (with G. not far behind) and can completely remove her garments in a matter of seconds.  (They do this over and over and over throughout the day.)  So when I say they "had" to put it on, I mean I turned my head and they were down to their diapers.  (These are also the girls who hold up clothes and announce, "Pretty!  Pretty!" or "Cute!  Cute!", so I shouldn't be surprised.)  Only one cheerleader outfit, so they had to take turns.

Here's G. (And I apologize for the picture-quality.  I seem to have become incapable of taking non-blurry pictures recently.):

And L.:

What makes it even funnier is that the cheerleader outfit is for the school where J. teaches and M. will be attending.  So for all you Vikings fans out there... here's my tiny bit of school spirit.


Anonymous said…
Hah! They have excellent taste.
Also, praying for you all and the adoption process
Hannah (from J's work)

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